Grow & Manage your sales with North Florida Payments

North Florida Payments has been providing small businesses with local consulting services, cutting edge technology to streamline, grow and manage everything revolving around payments. Our mission is to ensure our customers are offered a high level of service and technology at a fair, transparent price and to be a partner not a processor.

Our Specialties:

We work with businesses of all sizes and advise on the best way to move money. We look at your entire business and customize a solution that fits your unique needs. Whether your just starting out in your local Flea Market, opening your 10th franchise location or looking to upgrade your Amusement Park or Concert Venue, North Florida Payments will customize the perfect solution for your business.


Haute Cuisine or Diners, you name it

Food & Beverage

Best option for bars and small venues

Auto Industries

For mechanic shops and dealerships alike

Services Industries

Quickbooks managed payment

What we offer:

Payments are received in a variety of forms. No matter what type of payment you accept – credit and debit cards, ACH, peer to peer transfers – North Florida Payments can help. We advise on the smartest, safest, and most innovative way to accept payments. Our mission is  to ensure our customers are offered a high level of service and technology at a fair, transparent price.

With the leading Restaurant system in the industry,  SpotOn Restaurant, and almost 20 years of Restaurant experience on the payroll we have the tool to take your restaurant above and beyond.

Our Technology

Keep more of what you make. Save money on payment processing with simple, transparent pricing, without hidden fees or lock-in contracts, ever.

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0% Processing fees:

Dual Pricing programs have taken the country by storm. Something gas stations have done for years, showing a cash and credit price. Credit prices will include the processing costs without itemizing a fee, our Smart Terminal and signage offer a discount for cash paying customers. The terminal will itemize the already included processing fee as a discount to the customer for paying with cash.

You keep 100% of your sale, we collect the processing cost from your customer, your customers enjoy paying less for cash payments. Your credit card cost is 100% eliminated. With inflation, cost of goods and employees continuing to rise most merchant are taking advantage of a program that all local and federal governments have taken advantage of from day 1 and are never paying credit card cost again.


    We offer consulting services for all business types with specializations in Food & beverage industries. Are you looking to open a business and are not sure where to start? Are you struggling in your first year or maybe been in business for years and looking to expand?

Our consultants will learn your business goals and challenges so that we can tailor an individual plan for your business needs. Any business can be successful with the right goals and plans in place. Let North Florida Payments be a light on your road to success.

Get Started Now

You will never be in a contract, you will have access to 24/7 support, you will always shake the hand of the person your partnering with for your business payments and technology. A simple application starts the process and our team will handle all implementation and building of your systems. We will always offer in person services, installs and training.


Our support is 24/7 and will be happy to help get it back up and running so you can continue accepting payments same day. If your terminal needs to be replaced, we can have one shipped out next day!
We have our terminal prebuilt before we ship so simply scan the QR code in your Welcome Kit and it will guide you through the simple set up and get you logged in to run your first transaction. If there is ever a need we offer onsite installs and support services.
We provide Next Day Funding to all merchants
No company can stop a customer chargeback. What we do is assist you in contesting the chargeback with the bank to retrieve your funds if need be. The decision is ultimately up to the customers bank who issued the chargeback but we educate our merchants before they run their first transaction and will be there if it ever happens to fight on your behalf.

North Florida Payments BBB Business Review